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Just Keep Swimming

Just as I do each year, I would like to start today’s blog post by mentioning that today is Memorial Day in our country. Today is a day to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we have today. Today is a day to hug your loved ones and express gratitude to those who never came home from their service. Freedom is never truly free.

If my sister-in-law reads this, she will probably laugh. Dory’s song, “Just Keep Swimming” is my ringtone. Probably because I am forgetful at times, or perhaps because I am not the brightest star in the sky. Either way, the song itself serves as a reminder to myself in more ways than one. It’s also a rather fitting description of my life and the events happening in it currently.

Mark started swimming lessons recently. It has brought his confidence and body awareness in the water to a new high. I remember his team of therapists telling me just how good swimming would be for him and his muscles. It’s also a plus that he loves the water. It’s an act of congress to keep him away from it at times, but he always manages to find himself in water (with an adult watching him carefully).

I am not sure if it is his age and development, strides and gains in therapy, or his recent surgery on his spinal cord, but Mark is turning into a little fish in the water. Moving his arms and kicking his legs. Seeing him gain confidence and momentum as he swims across the water is a sight I wasn’t sure we would see. His swimming lessons are still in the very early beginnings but even after them, he has made great strides.

It also reminds me of life in general. Just keep swimming. If Mark’s life had a motto at this point, it would be “Allons-y”, or “Let’s go” in french. Mine would have to be “Just keep swimming.”

No matter what life seems to throw, we somehow always manage to endure it and carry on. We say “let’s go” and continue with whatever may come. Maybe Allons-y comes before Just keep swimming? Is Allons-y just the same as just keep swimming prior to all the defeat and battles and obstacles life has to offer? Lord knows I hope not.

I hope Mark someday finds his confidence and momentum in life the same way he did with swimming. I hope that he never loses his optimism or his hard-headedness. I am sure that saying that will bite me in the butt in the long run, but I would rather endure these traits for the rest of my life than him no longer have them.

So my friends, Allons-y and Just Keep Swimming.