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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, Spring Break, and TinySuperheros

It’s week 2 of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month! It’s also Spring Break in our county. It’s also the week of St. Patrick’s Day! So wearing your green this Thursday can be more than one conversation starter. Simply pick your topic: Irish Celebration or Cerebral Palsy Awareness.

This year, I am super grateful that Mark and I’s Spring Breaks align with one another. I’m eager to explore the town and go on adventures with him again. A lot of my plans are coming from this Ultimate Summertime list. It reminds me of when he was my only focus as a stay-at-home mom. We went to museums, ran errands, the park, and walks every day. We would spend hours and hours outside just exploring and learning more about the world around us. It was… perfect. It was wonderful… and typing this out has me crying. I miss my little man, but I am so happy that now he is able to experience a variety of new activities and can participate in them more than he could last year.

On our Spring break To-Do list, we are going to a few Museums, exploring downtown, picnics, the beach, swimming, gardening, hikes, and most likely watching Encanto for the 900th time (Not that I am complaining. I love that movie).

Of course, Spring break doesn’t stop therapy appointments. Mark continuously works hard in therapy and has been tolerating the E-Stem system a lot better. We are hoping he gets the new Bioness machine which will allow him to walk more fluidly.

This week’s focus: TinySuperheros!

We’re a tiny cape company with a super BIG mission.

“We’re out to change how the world sees the unique challenges that some kids face, and reveal the superpowers behind every difference. Where some see adversity, we see the Extraordinary. TinySuperheroes is a socially conscious company that puts mission and community first. As a social enterprise, we’re committed to making a difference as part of our day-to-day operation.”

Mark started off with his TinySuperheroes journey in October 2020, shortly after his CP diagnosis. Our cousin, Darius, raised enough money for his cape and Mark was able to raise enough money to allow for two other children to earn their capes too. Prior to all of this, we were unaware of TSH or its mission, but afterward, its become a cause near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons.

  1. It is empowering to the children and families!
  2. It creates lasting memories.
  3. Child Superhero. Need I say more?
  4. It gives children confidence,
  5. Builds self-esteem
  6. Provides a sense of belonging.
  7. Has ambassador programs for parents to connect and support one another.
  8. Sets children out on missions to make the world a little better, one hero at a time.

TinySuperheroes is an organization that tasks children and families with missions each month. These have ranged from sending letters of strength to someone in your life who may have needed it, demonstrating a random act of kindness, or leaving hopeful penny messages with inspiring mantras, artwork, and a penny to keep them in your thoughts. With each mission completed, the child is given a code to receive a free patch, sticker, card, and TSH Trading card. All of this serves as a constant reminder that no matter what others may be dealing with in life, we all just wish for kindness, acceptance, and love. Also, a reminder that you matter- no matter the differences in appearance, condition, or beliefs- you matter and you belong.

So here is to TinySuperhero Mark this Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, and to all of the other Tiny Superheroes who demonstrate extraordinary strength, courage, and bravery every single day.